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Piumi Rajasekera, LGPC, LPA


I am a Licensed Psychology Associate (DC) and Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (MD) specializing in working with children and families, primarily in the school setting. My preferred theoretical orientation is person-centered or child-centered, which means that I believe that each child and each family is unique, and that therapy should be tailored as such.

In working with children and families, I frequently utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, and Systems Theory, which emphasizes that individuals are highly influenced by the systems within which they are embedded- their families, communities, and cultures, to name a few. This is particularly true for young children and adolescents, and as such, I prefer a systemic approach when working with my younger clients.

I believe that therapy is a truly collaborative process. If I am working with your child, you can expect me to frequently check-in with you for information about how your child is doing at home, what is going on in the family, as well as to give you updates on your child’s progress in therapy and receive your feedback. I am trained in Play Therapy and DIR Floortime, which I frequently utilize in my work with preschool and elementary school-aged children. If I am working with your child remotely using a tele-health platform, I will likely adapt Play Therapy techniques to be used with this modality.

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